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Плата COM16055RER-1 в формате PC/104 Cellular/Telematics GSM/GPRS/GPS Tri-band GSM-R + GPRS, onboard SIM reader

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Плата COM16055RER-1 в формате PC/104 Cellular/Telematics GSM/GPRS/GPS Tri-band GSM-R + GPRS, onboard SIM reader
Производитель: RTD Embedded Technologies

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Цена:   ПО ЗАПРОСУ  
Артикул:  COM16055RER-1
Производитель:  RTD Embedded Technologies

Артикул: COM16055RER-1

Key Features

  • PC/104 form factor and stackable bus structure
  • GSM/GPRS Features
    • TRM:3 based GSM-R modem
    • Quad-band GSM-R/900/1800/1900 MHz
    • Up to 85.6 kbit/sec downlink speed with GPRS
    • GPRS multi-slot class 10
    • GPRS mobile station class B
    • 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 14.4 kbit/sec data rate, group 3 fax services
    • SMS and SMS cell broadcast
    • Onboard SIM-card socket or external SIM reader
  • Output power:
    • Class 4 (2W) GSM900/GSM-R
    • Class 1 (1W) GSM1800/GSM1900
  • 12 Channel Low Power GPS Features
    • Fastrax iTrax03/02 GPS receiver
    • 3.3V and +5V active antenna support
    • NMEA and binary protocols
  • Two 16C550 UART interfaces to host computer
  • Uses COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4 or COMx
  • Available IRQ's: 2, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15
  • 16 bit Programmable I/O
  • Audio interface for headset
  • +5VDC only, 1.3W idle
  • -20° to +70°C operational with temperature sensor
  • -40° to +70°C restricted to emergency calls only 


The COM16055RER combines a type approved GSM-R wireless quad-band GSM-R/900/1800/1900 MHz GPRS modem unit and a low power parallel tracking GPS receiver on one PC/104 module and is backwards compatible with the COM17045RER.

The COM16055RER is built around the TRM:3, a professional high-end module for GSM-Rail. The GSM-R radio system is designed to meet the needs of modern digital radio system for railways in Europe and Asia. GSM-R is a communication system for traffic control, serving amongst others engine drivers as well as personnel working on railroad works both along the rail network and in railway stations. The system ensures a more secure and smooth flow of train traffic. GSM/GPRS connectivity is achieved using the TRM:1 engine. This unit works in the 900, 1800 or 1900 MHz and GSM-R band and supports standard network and service provider personalization. RTD maintains in-house equipment for testing international cellular frequency standards. The TRM:3 GSM-R module also supports fast GPRS data transmission. This module utilizes the iTrax03/02 GPS receiver unit from Fastrax. This receiver is very low in power consumption and supports both NMEA and binary interface protocols. Support for +3.3V or +5V active antennas is provided. Latest technologies are used for fast GPS fix and reliable tracking in difficult moving environments.

The COM16055RER board includes two complete 16C550 compatible serial ports that can be configured with jumpers for any standard COM port address or any free address space. Both XT and AT interrupts are supported. The control registers of the board are overlaid in Base Address + 400h. This board is fully software compatible with the COM16055RER tri-band conventional GPRS/GPS board.

Any standard quad-band GSM and GPS antenna may be connected directly to the COM16055RER vi on-board MCX connectors. Starter kits are available (see options). In IDAN installations the antenna connections are brought to the front side of the IDAN-frame.

A SIM-card socket is located on the bottom side of the COM16055RER-1 module. The COM16055RER-2 module provides an external SIM-card reader connected via a standard 10-pin 150mm long flat cable.

The temperature of the COM16055RER can be monitored using an on-board temperature sensor. This sensor will use status bits to indicate that the module is within a -20° to +70° C temperature range where the GSM engine is guaranteed to work reliably and will assist in the restricted operation range of -40° to +70° C. The two 8-bit digital I/O ports may be used for general purpose TTL-level control. The input port has a 10K pull-down on all 8 lines.

Advanced GPS and GSM tool software is provided with the COM16055RER. This software package contains:

  • GSM configuration
  • GSM terminal program
  • GSM call identification
  • TCP/IP communication setting
  • SMS transmit/receive
  • SMS ToolKit for remote hardware access
  • SIM card phone number editor
  • GPS configuration data logging to a file
  • GPS monitoring 

Industry Applications

  • Train and passenger communication
  • Rail service equipment and instrumentation
  • Distributed communication systems
  • Remote data logging nodes
  • Rail Telematics


  • One General Purpose Digital I/O port
    • COM16055ER Mode
      • 16 bit Programmable I/O
    • COM17045ER Mode
      • 8 TTL Outputs
      • 8 TTL Inputs
  • Standard SIM Card Socket


  • Modem uses standard COM port interface and AT command set
  • GPS data available via COM port interface
    • Compatible with all x86 operating systems
    • Windows (98, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, and XP Embedded)
    • Linux (desktop and real-time versions)
    • RTOSes such as QNX, VxWorks, and Windows CE
    • Note: Drivers may be required to use non-PC hardware features. 

Physical Attributes

  • Dimensions
    • Length (L): 3.775 inches (95.885 mm)
    • Width (W): 3.550 inches (90.170 mm)
    • Stand-off Height: 0.600 inches (15.240 mm)
  • Weight: Approximately 0.22 lbs. (0.10 Kg)
  • Standard Operating Temperature
    • -20° to +70°C: 90% humidity non-condensing
    • -40° to +75°C: Restricted Operation (deviation from GSM specs may occur)
  • Storage Temperature: -40 to +85°C
  • Power Consumption: Idle = 1.3; Active = 3.0 W @ 5 VDC typical
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Плата COM16055RER-1 в формате PC/104 Cellular/Telematics GSM/GPRS/GPS Tri-band GSM-R + GPRS, onboard SIM reader

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Плата COM16055RER-1 в формате PC/104 Cellular/Telematics GSM/GPRS/GPS Tri-band GSM-R + GPRS, onboard SIM reader

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